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Here's What You're Going To Get:

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Use this BONUS chart to give each of your students so they can get a visual in seeing the difference between each curl and length.  They're going to

Curl/Length Chart

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Manual Glossary

This FREE pdf saves you from 
all the hassle of think
ing of all the terms & lingo that is used within the lash artistry community.  Include this pdf in your lash training manual for your students to become familiar with.


My "Secret Sauce"

In this BONUS, I share my
"Secret Sauce".  This is how my lash students become successful lash artists and THIS will speak volumes for you!  In return, your lash students will brag on YOU, which will bring you more lash students, and you to making

Hey Lash Besties!

I'm Erica Wilson

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A 2x'd certified celebrity lash artist, celebrity makeup artist, and permanent makeup artist.  In my early years as a lash artist, I struggled with trying to stay afloat financially.  Then I jumped out there and started doing lash trainings.  Although I was nervous, it started being something I love doing - not to mention, my bank account started looking GREAT!  During the pandemic, the thought ran across my mind that there are lash artists out there that are not sure how to make ends meet and eat during this troubling time, and that's when it hit me - 'why don't I teach other lash artists to train new lash artists?' (You know the old saying 'teach a man to fish'...).  Anyhow, training others with what you already know along with the jammed packed knowledge I give you in this course and how to structure your lash trainings, will not only be another stream of income for you, but it also adds financial security to your business and personal income, adds value to your brand as a lash artist, and you WILL be looked at as an authority figure within the lash community.  My hope is for you to find financial freedom, whatever that looks like for you, and to always have a sense of security no matter what is thrown your way, while doing what you love to do!❤️


(Still wondering if this course is for you?)

You're Perfect For
This Course If...

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You want to make 5 figures a month teaching what you love to do (build generational wealth)

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You want to grow your lash business and

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You are passionate about the lash business
and eager to share knowledge

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You want to invest in yourself and your lash

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You're ready to move to the next level in the 
lash industry


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value to your training manuals...


Become A Lash Trainer...

And Start Making 5 Figures A Month!

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