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Running a business can be hard.  Running a successful business can be even harder, and the lash extensions business is no different.  

Learning how to apply lash extensions and getting certified is just the first step towards your lashing career.  If you want to be a successful lash artist, knowing the fundamentals of running your business is crucial.  

Yes, you can post pictures on social media.  Yes, you can have a beautiful website to "look" professional.  But, how do you incorporate your business?  Trademark your business?  Why is it important to trademark and register your business?  What about marketing?  Getting your business seen on Google?  Who will be in charge of your SEO? Once you get a client, how do you retain her?  Keep her coming back? Consult with her?  Educate her? 

Now let's talk about you, the lash artist.  How much should you pay yourself?  Do you have all of the proper tools in place to protect your self financially just in case your business may have to unexpectedly temporarily close (for example, COVID-19)?  What if you want to expand? Hire employees or bring on contractors?  What if you decide to do a partnership? 

These are ALL of the things you will need to think about and be prepared for.  You never want to wait until it's too late.  Trust me, I've been there and it ain't pretty.  

I want to save you from all of the headaches, fears, worries, and frustrations of bad decision making - from just not knowing.  It's hard to find this information, especially in one place. Don't go at it alone.  Let ME help YOU, guide you.  I can thoroughly show and teach you how to run your business the right way. Successfully!

Running your business properly will give you the peace of mind and confidence of doing what you love to do every day.  Now let's watch your business grow to the next level!!!

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