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Meet the Creator of Lash Biz 101

Erica Wilson

I teach Lash Artists how to run their lash business confidently and successfully.  I'm a celebrity makeup artist of 20yrs, a 2x'd certified lash artist of 9yrs, and a certified microblade artist of 4yrs., I have a successful beauty bar, Boudoir Skin & Beauty Bar, Inc., a social and podcast platform 'Lash Biz 101' and a top selling book on Amazon - The Lash Artist Guide To Success! 'How To Run Your Lash Extensions Business' to educate lash artists, so I think I know a thing or two about running a successful beauty business.

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~ Owner/Creator of Lash Biz 101

~Owner, Boudoir Skin & Beauty Bar, Inc.

~Celebrity MakeUp Artist

~2x'd Certified Celebrity Lash Artist

~Certified Microblade Artist

~Lash Artist Coach and

Motivational Speaker


Why I Created 'Lash Biz 101'

When I first started lashing, lash courses only focused on the hands-on side of the business leaving me to figure out how to run my business successfully.  Even when I came across business courses they were very vague and not giving detailed insight.  I went through a lot of struggles, obstacles, and losses - I've learned a lot from those experiences and I made a conscious choice to share all of my set backs and successes with you!

My goal is to empower YOU and your lash business and watch you succeed.  

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