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Speak with Erica!

"Pick My Biz Brain!"

I'm proud to introduce an affordable service for all of you

Lash Artists out there that may be stuck in your business, not sure where to start, how to pivot, and so on.  

You get the opportunity to speak with me either on the phone or video call, your choice, and pick my business brain with ANY business concerns that you may have regarding your lash business.

This 30min call give us both the opportunity to figure out the next move in your business and how to get to the next level of your success!


Here's What You Get:

~30min. to speak with Erica

~Your choice of phone or video call

~You pick the business topic

~A look at your business structure

~Honest constructive criticism

When you talk with Erica, you get a chance to talk in a safe space with a fellow lash artist who has been where you are NOW!

No judgement is passed, you get to speak as comfortable as you feel, and you get to share your honest feelings about your

business.  We WILL grow your lash business together! 


Let's Book Your Call Now!

Just $9.99

Click HERE to book!

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