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Are you a new, seasoned, or aspiring Lash Extensions Artist? The lash extensions business is a multi-billion dollar industry and a fantastic industry to be part of. This book will help you navigate your lash business once you are trained and certified. Lash extensions trainings and courses will teach you the technique of how to apply lash extensions, but they never really help guide you with how to start your lash business. In this book, I help you determine many business factors that you may not have thought of to legally run your business, become successful, and stay successful. I aim to help your lash business grow now and for years to come by walking you step by step of setting up your lash business. This book is great to use as a resource and to refer back to once you are fully established and running.

Why did I write this book? Because a book like this did not exist 11yrs ago when I started taking lash trainings. There was very little help with guidance within the lash industry. In this book, I’ve compiled everything I could think of from your mission statement all the way to retailing products. I cover EVERYTHING!

This book is also great for hair stylist, makeup artists, microblade artists, nail technicians, estheticians, wardrobe stylist, and massage therapists.


Please be sure to refer this book to your fellow lash artist, you never know who might need this.


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The Lash Artist Guide To Success! "How To Run Your Lash Extensions Business"

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