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How To Build Your Lash Kit!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

This is a question I get asked often by new lash artists that did not take my lash training. So I decided I write a blog about it. Here, I'll supply you with all of the essential items you need to start building your lash kit and to keep you going without missing a beat between lash services.

Whether you're thinking of becoming a lash extensions artist or you're a new lash artist in the business, I'm sure the constant question that lives in your mind is "What lash products do I need to start building my lash kit?" I remember when I first started, that's all I ever wondered. I wanted to make sure that I crossed all my "t's" and dotted all my "i's". I was excited and wanted to be the most prepared lash artist for my future clients. So my lash kit had to be on point with the very best effective products.

At that time there was no list for me to refer back to and there was barely any lash artists with years of lashing for me to reach out to. Everything lash artists knew they kept a secret, and lash classes gave you the bare minimum to get started with.

Remember, this was almost 10yrs ago - Instagram and TikTok didn't exist then, lash artists forums were not abundant, and searching anything about lash extensions on Google was 'dry'. You just had to figure it out. You would get duped by the few lash brands claiming to have the best "this-and-that" so everyone jumped on it finding out that the products were no better than the other few lash brands.

Now that we are approaching 2022 things are way different than 10yrs ago. The choice of lash brands to shop from is plentiful, now you can type in Google search "lash extension adhesive" and you get tons and tons of lash brands from all over the world.

With there being so many lash brands to choose from, I'm actually brand neutral and do not have a particular lash brand that I run to. I purposely try not to stick to any one brand, I like to try out new lash products and tools all the time. You'll never know what works until you try it. So as a piece of advice, don't get stuck on a particular brand, give other brands a try. As a lash artist, you always need to keep an open mind - if not, you can potentially hurt your business. Not to mention, I love supporting other lash artists! Why? Because they're in the thick of it everyday like you and I.

Be careful with what lash products and tools you purchase. How you ask? By doing your research. Reviews are one of the best ways to help you determine if what you are contemplating on purchasing is suitable for you. If you're able to, those leaving reviews, ask them questions. Next, there's social media! That's the very first place lash brands post and advertise to. This way you can see and read how particular products and tools work and its benefits. If you'd like, DM the company and ask questions. Read all of the comments customers leave on the post and website, therefore you get to see the honest feedback. Doing so, you get a feel for the company. Are they just selling what's hot and in demand or are they a fellow lash artist and is solving an actual problem with lashing?

Let's talk about product quality. Just because something is inexpensive or is sold by a lone lash artist, does not mean it's of poor quality and not worth purchasing. And the flip side to that is, just because it's a popular lash brand that everyone swears by does not mean every product they sell is of the best quality.

I can go on and on about this all day, but I won't. You came here to start your lash kit and wanted some recommendation. The items I'm recommending here I've tried, love, are of quality, and I purchase on the regular. I'm keeping it cost effective because the majority of us don't have deep pockets. Even when you're able to afford more expensive brands, you'll find yourself referring back to some of these items often. *I've also included some furniture pieces at the end of the list as well.

Here we go:

VAVALASH Lash Extensions

I like these lash because for the affordable cost these are high in quality. They are soft and natural feeling to the touch. Super lightweight. Easy to pull strip from the tray. There is no residue left on the lash extension when you pull it from the strip. The do single and mix trays. Volume lashes and pre-made fans. Click image to see for yourself.

STACY LASH Lash Adhesive

This is probably my go to brand all year. They have fantastic quality products for those on a budget.

STACY LASH Lash Primer

Love this primer. There is no sticky residue. Does not dry flakey.

BREYLEE Lash Shampoo

Oil-free. Great foam consistency. Paraben free.


Great for those with sensitive skin. Great adhesion, no lifting. Easy to draw mapping. Nice bright white background.


Great for those with sensitive skin. Great adhesion. Easy to tear.


This curved mirror is perfect for seeing your lash work from underneath.


An essential tool to have in your lash kit. It's vital to know your humidity and temperature levels while lashing.


Handy for when you need to wipe adhesive off your lash tweezers.

VETUS Lash Tweezers

The absolute best brand of lash tweezers. Sturdy and always works. I never trust any other brand for my lash tweezers. Also, the curved and pointed (isolating) tweezers are perfect for classic sets.


A great practical way to sterilize all of your fabulous lash tweezers.


A must have to keep your lash tweezers sterilized and sanitized.


Wonderful to have to place under your clients head and placing your lash supplies on keeping your work area clean.


Great to have to see those fine eyelashes to get precise lash isolation and placement.


My go to, to place my lash adhesive in.


A must have to use during and after your lash service. Also, and great freebie to give your clients to keep their lashes in place.


Perfect to use when priming or cleaning your clients lashes.


Great to have when applying bonder to the base of your extensions.


Beautiful and sturdy lash bed. Comfortable as is, but adding a foam pad will have your clients sleep in no time.


Lighting is a MUST for every lash artist. You need to be able to see every intricate detail while lashing.


Another must have while lashing. Controlling your humidity is very important to have the very best lash retention.

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