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A lot of lash artists think the only impression they need to give their lash clients is doing great lash work. Well I hate to bust your "lash bubble", it a lie! A lot of lash artists don't realize how they hurt their lash business and reputation by not giving Class A professionalism from the start or ever for that fact.

As a new or seasoned lash artist, it’s crucial to always give your new clients your best professional first impression. Your professionalism, will always be remembered. Think about it, we’ve all had an experience with a hairstylist or nail tech that had left a certain impression with us, be it good or bad, and we still talk about it years later? This is what you want, but in the good way. Even it’s just your good girlfriend, which is even better. Why? Because she will be the one to run and tell everyone she knows and brag about how professional her best friend runs her business and is that bomb and dynamite lash artist from start to finish.

So you ask, where do you start impressing your clients first? The moment you take her first call, email, or text requesting to schedule an appointment with you. Once you have her booked in, this is where the magic happens. She’ll receive an email from you containing a digital card ‘How To Prep for Your Lash Extensions Appointment’. This digital card will walk her through how to properly prepare for her lash service with you Don’t have this digital card? Don’t worry! We already have a template made out for you that you can customize to fit your lash business. All you would do is just add your logo and brand colors to make it your own.

Next, you’ll send an email a few days before her first lash appointment containing her ‘Client Intake Form’. Don’t have one of those either? We got you! Our customizable ‘Client Intake Form’ template has 11 PAGES of critical information that you can choose from that asks your clients questions such as lash extension history and medical history. You get to pick and choose what ever information you feel should be asked. We even included waiver information to protect you from any client issues. Again, you can simply add your logo, brand colors, and select the list of question you would like to ask.

Lastly, the day before her appointment you’ll want to send her your 'COVID-19 Form'. This is very important information you’ll need to know and to keep for your records. And of course, in Lash Biz 101 fashion, we have an editable template for that as well.

Having certain processes in place before your new clients meet you helps to build excitement and trust with them. Doing so sets the tone for your lash business professionally. Your new lash clients will feel comfortable with spending money on a luxury service with you and will have trust in the future with any advice you give them pertaining to things such as lash designs, products you sell to them, how to care for their lashes, and so on.

Always remember that before you actually perform lash services, your first interaction with your potential lash clients is representing your lash brand professionally. So make it a great one! 💎

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