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Ok guys, I'm going to give you some tough love in this blog, but you know it comes from my heart and I know you will appreciate it. Here goes..

You have to stop relying on others to give you the so-called "answers" to run your business, give you marketing tips, and how to get your clients! Use your own brain muscle. I love coming up with my own ideas to grow my business and get more business awareness. It makes me feel good to know that the idea I thought of was original, it came from me.

Sometimes when we follow someone else's ideas we are expecting their results and that can be discouraging, so beware of that. Everyone's situation is unique when it comes to demographic, type of lash services they provide, the location, the pricing, and so on, so don't get discouraged if the results do not come out the way it was proposed to you.

The reason you became a business owner in the first place is to be your own boss and run your business the way YOU want to, and this includes thinking on your own. It's ok to get suggestions and opinions from others, but ultimately the decisions and thought out processes are all yours, so own it.

There are tons of consulting businesses out there, including mine (Lash Biz 101), that can help to point you in a direction to run and grow your business. But do not get it confused with what consulting businesses are for. We are not here to give you the answers and run your business for you. That's your job!

Books on how to run your business are also a great resource to help you with figuring things out, like mine, The Lash Artist Guide To Success 'How To Run Your Lash Extensions Business'. These books are just to guide you, not give you the answers.

Seeking business advice (consultation) is a great option for help you if you're stuck or you just don't know which direction to go in. Matter of fact, I receive business advice quite often for all of my businesses. But I have learned years ago, that the purpose consultants or coaches serve is just that - to consult, to coach.

As a consultant myself, my duty is to help you think about things. I help you think of how to figure it out. I put you to work on YOUR business. I help you appreciate and love what you do more and more.

Years ago, I used to think that if I purchased one of those social media marketing ads that my business will be successful, and I was wrong. Now don't get it twisted, I am not saying it's a waste of time to out source for marketing or business consulting - they actually help A LOT! What I am saying is to not rely on those sources as a means to "run" your business. BAD IDEA!!! Those sources are there to help you think about things and teach you how to market and brand your business. So no, they will NEVER give you the answer on what you need to do, but guess who does have the answer? YOU!!!

That's right! You have all of the answers. When you're finished reading that business book or had that meeting with a business consultant, once you are done your brain will take those strategies given and you will form it to meet your business needs so it can grow. You'll take those tools given and apply it with thought and process. You will those tools and use them for a lifetime in every direction possible.

Here is the thing, I never took someones advice word for word. Why? Because even though it's awesome advice, it came from someone else's brain which means I may have to keep picking their brain about that idea or once I've "done it", I'll keep having to ask "What's Next?" I would never want to put myself into that position.

So, what have we learned in this blog? Grow your business YOUR WAY! Stop expecting someone to hand you the keys to YOUR kingdom. There is no such thing. Yes, read a business book or two or five. Yes, seek business consulting. But, take what you've learned and do it YOUR WAY and STOP looking for the answers, they don't exist. But your brain does, so use it!! 💞💙

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